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National Board Jump Start
Course Description

This course comes after completion of the NB Awareness Course and Begins with Entry #4: Documented Accomplishments: Contributions to Student Learning. Readings and activities in this course are designed to provide instruction and support for those wishing to complete Entry #4. as well as work similar to that expected of Entries #1 and #3. 

*Course participants must be employed classroom teachers in West Virginia.

Course Syllabus


Participants in this course must have completed the National Board Awareness Course. 


By the end of this course, participants will understand:

  • your commitment to student learning through your work with students' families and community and through your development as a learner and as a collaborator and/ or leader
  • your commitment through evidence of your efforts to establish and maintain partnerships with students' families and the community; through evidence of your growth as a learner; through work that you do with other teachers at a local, state or national level; and how what you do outside of the classroom (or beyond explicit student instruction) impacts student learning.
  • presenting evidence of your ability to design a lesson that informs you of students' knowledge prior to, during and at the completion of instruction
  • presenting evidence of your ability to design a lesson that articulates the connections among your instructional goals, instructional activities and the ways potential student responses will shape your teaching
  • presenting evidence of your ability to design a lesson that results in two student assignments/ responses that will provide you with the information needed to assess the depth of which students' demonstrate understandion of the substantive idea being taught
  • developing a plan to videotape the activities asociated with the work you completed during Session Two of this course
  • determining how you will collect evidence of accomplished teaching based upon the contents of the videotape to be produced during Session Four
  • identifying the most effective methods for documjenting evidence of accomplished teaching based upon the contents of the videotape to be produced during Session Four
  • completing the instruction of the lesson you planned during Sessions Two and Session Three and videotaping you have planned for one or more classes that you currently teach during Sessions Two and Three
  • uploading and securing the link for your five-minute instructional video to the WVDE Web Top
  • completing a reflection of this instructional experience
  • reviewing special characteristics of descriptive, analytic and reflective writing
  • completing a descriptive-analytic-reflective writing commentary
  • reflecting upon your documentation of a specific accomplishment through the lens of National Board Standards
  • reflecting upon your planning, delivery and analysis of instruction with the inclusion of videotaping and analysis of student work
  • reviewing the procedures and guidelines associated with the National Board Assessment Center
  • practicing a simulated assessment center activity using retired NBPTS prompts

Assessment and Course Requirements

Participants must meet the requirements of the Memorandum of Understanding, complete both the pre- and post- surveys, complete all course discussions, readings and activities and successfully complete the course project according to the rubric criteria. 

Course Products

Participants will complet Entry #4 during this course.

Discussion Participation

Participants will be guided by the Memorandum of Understanding and the Discussion Guidelines provided in the course Orientation as they actively participate weekly in all discussion topics.  High-quality, active participationin the online discussions is vital to the understand and completion of this course. 

Sessions Overview

Session One:  Documenting Accomplishments
During this session, you will address your partnerships with students' families and community and your development as a learner and collaborator with other professionals by submitting descriptions and documentation of your activites and accomplishments in those areas.  Your descriptions will focus on the connection between each accomplishment and its impact on student learning.

Session Two:  Planning for Instruction
During this session, you will plan one lesson and identify two students assignments/responses for the lesson.  This lesson is to be comprised of multiple activities that may take one or more class periods to complete.  The two student assignments/responses to the lesson are to demonstrate how you are able to design a sequence of activities that builds on and gives you insight into students' conceptual understanding of a substantive idea in the content you currently teach.  You will implement and write a commentary regarding this lesson during Session Three.  .

Session Three:  Preparing for the Videotaping of Instruction
During this session, you will plan for the videotaping of the lesson and associated activities developed during Session Two.  For the purpose of this course, the video is to be five minutes in duration.  You will implement this lesson with one or more classes of students that you currently teach during Session Four.  You will write a commentary of the lesson implementation during Session Five

Session Four:  Teaching and Videotaping the Lesson
During this session, you will implement and videotape the lesson and activites you have planned over the last two weeks with one or more of the classes you currently teach.  The Reflection in Action resource as well as the Task Analysis readings may be of great benefit to your instruction.  A series of videos taped in West Virginia teachers' classrooms are provided for your viewing as well. 
Upon completion of instruction and videotaping, you will move to a reflective self-assessment activity and then you will begin the task of analyzing and assessing student work that was generated from the instruction of your lesson and activities.   

Session Five:  Writing a Commentary
During Session Five you will develop a written commentary that captures how you analyze each student's understanding of a concept or idea specific to your content and reflect on how your sequence of instructional strategies works to further each student's ability to think and reason.  You will also include work products completed by  two students and an analysis of your five-minute video clip of instruction as a component of your written commentary.  Feedback from a National Board certified teacher will be provided for your written commentary during Session Six..

Session Six:  Reflecting Upon the Process
During this session you will complete a reflective summary  of the work you completed during Session One, Documented Accomplishment #1 and Session Five, the Written Commentary of Instruction with Videotaping.  You will also observe the National Board Assessment Center guide and follow-up activities that address specific tasks related to preparation for the assessment.