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WVLearns Initial Substitute Training
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WVLearns offers a variety of online courses, including an eLearning course for those people who wish to become substitutes in West Virginia (WV). Policy 5202 outlines the minimum requirements for becoming a substitute in the state of West Virginia. These requirements are approved by the WV Board of Education (WVBE) and are issued by the State Superintendent of Schools. The primary purpose of the WVLearns Initial Substitute Training course is to assure the public that substitute teachers meet established level so competence to deliver an appropriate and effective educational program to the state's public school students. Licensure requirements established in this policy provide a means of ensuring that persons employed in WV public schools have the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the responsibilities of being a substitute. This eLearning course provides information on how to become a substitute teacher, steps to become an effective substitute teacher, school law and policies, classroom management, and instructional strategies. Participants enrolled in this course will spend three weeks in the course and then complete six hours of classroom observations after the course is finished. This course does not meet the requirements for teacher certification renewal.

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