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School Nurses: Clinical Skills for the WV School Nurse for Full-Time Employed Public School Nurses
Course Description

The school nurse course is designed to review or familiarize the new or seasoned school nurse with the specialized health care procedures being used in WV Public Schools. It explores procedures in the WV Basic and Specialized Health Care Procedure Manual as well as others that are not currently included. Participants in this course will become familiar with school based procedures through review of the manual and other resources, online discussions and development of a procedure. A strong emphasis of this course is on utilization of current, professional literature to define best practice.

As the final project for this course, participants will develop a written guideline for a specialized health care procedure that is not listed in the WV Basic and Specialized Health Care Procedure Manual. Each step of the procedure will be based on current research, professional organization recommendations, and/or clinical guidelines.

Course Syllabus