Professional and Personalized e-Learning for Educators
Professional Development

The E-Learning for Educators Initiative was originally funded by a U.S. Department of Education Ready to Teach Grant involving eight states (AL, DE, KY, MS, MO, NH, PA, and WV). The central goal of the initiative continues to be to establish an effective and sustainable model of online professional development that will help address state-wide teacher quality needs and have an impact on student achievement.

WVLearns 2017-018 Flyer #1

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Why e-Learning-and why online?
The West Virginia Department of Education Professional and Personalized e-Learning for Educator's program permits West Virginia educators to engage in professional learning courses and activities during times of their own choosing. Online courses offer tremendous flexibility. Educators determine where and when they complete their course work. They work from their school, home, or local library. They may log in to their professional and personlized learning course from any location and anytime.

Will educators work less in an online course than in a course they take in a traditional face-to-face setting? No! Online course may be convenient but they are not less work than face-to-face professional learning opportunities.

However, they will have much more control over their schedules, as long as they comply with course requirements as stated in the course Memorandum of Understanding.

Online professional and personalized learning for West Virginia educators is no longer just a good idea. It is reality.

Who can participate?
The program is open to West Virginia educators.

What courses can teachers take?
The West Virginia e-Learning for Educator’s program will make available more than 80 e-learning courses, each of which is standards-based and comprised of 7 one-week sessions requiring approximately 45-60 hours of work time by the participating educators. The courses address a wide variety of topics across PK-12 grade levels and subject areas, including universally applicable content such as Finding the Best Educational Resources on the Web and Differentiating Instruction to Accommodate Learning Styles; and content for specific grades and subject areas, such as Helping Struggling Readers Improve Comprehension and Using Technology in the Elementary Math Class.

How much does it cost?
There is no charge for the West Virginia e-Learning for Educators professional and personalized learning courses. The costs for three hours of non-degree professional development graduate credit ranges from $95.00 to $216.00. Graduate credit has been arranged with West Virginia University, Marshall University, Concord University and West Virginia State University. Non-degree graduate class registration forms and instructions are available upon the opening day of each workshop. Participants are responsible for completing the registration process and paying for their specific college program by deadlines provided. Submission deadlines will be provided as a "News" item for all e-Learning for Educators courses.