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Teach 21
This site is designed by to assist teachers with planning and delivering effective 21st century instruction in West Virginia classrooms. It enables educators to quickly access WV Content Standards, Learning Skills and Technology Tools for West Virginia Schools, as well as other resources that exemplify rigorous and relevant instructional design and delivery.

The Webtop was designed to create a 21st Century Portal of Websites. After you login to your Webtop account, you will have access to 21st century online tools that the West Virginia Department of Education provides for educators. All tools are online and require no installation of software. The Webtop can be used from school or home.

Online Learning
Quality instruction is essential to serve our students and meet the constitutional mandate for a thorough and efficient educational system. eLearning technologies help bridge the barriers of time, distance and inequities for all West Virginia students by providing expanded access to instructional resources.


This website is designed to provide parents and guardians with tools to help their children succeed in the 21st century classroom. This online resource covers topics such as the West Virginia Educational Standards Test 2 (WESTEST2), learning tools, 21st century skills, child development stages and much more.


This website is designed to provide 24/7 access to online resources for grades prekindergarten through 12 in order to assist children with 21st century skills.