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County Board Offices

Wetzel County Schools
333 Foundry Street
New Martinsville, WV  26155

Telephone: 304-455-2441
Fax : 304-455-3446


Wetzel County Schools Staff

Barcus, Todd - Attendance Director
Blair, Michael - Mechanic
Boswell, John - Bus Operator
Briggs, Leah - Bus Operator
Briggs, Star - Director or Coordinator of Services
Brown, Virginia - Aide III
Cecil, Carol - Bus Operator
Dakan, William - Bus Operator
Daugherty, James - Aide III
Day, Matthew - Bus Operator
Delorenzo, Meghan - Psychologist
Derby, Virginia - Aide III
Doty, Jamie - Supervisor of Maintenance
Durig, Kevin - Bus Operator
Durig, Thomas - Bus Operator
Filliez, Joanna - Director or Coordinator of Services
Fox, Jill - Director or Coordinator of Services
Froehlich, James - Technology Systems Specialist
Greene, Terry - Director or Coordinator of Services
Haught, Johnny - Supervisor of Transportation
Herrick, Joseph - Technology Systems Specialist
Highley, Abram - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Hoffman, Kathy - Director or Coordinator of Services
Hollabaugh, Glenn - Electrician II
Horner, John - Bus Operator
Howell, Heith - Bus Operator
Huggins, Jeremy - Bus Operator
Huggins, Mark - Bus Operator
Hurst, Sandra - Bus Operator
Jones, Brian - Director/Coordinator (Supportive Services)
Kennedy, Djuana - Bus Operator
Kuhn, William - Bus Operator
Lancaster, Jeffrey - Treasurer/Chief School Business Official
Lauff, Morgan - Psychologist
Lemley, Regina - Bus Operator
Long, Timothy - Bus Operator
Loy, Mark - Painter
Loy, Teresa - Bus Operator
McGinnis, Christopher - Bus Operator
McPherson, Amanda - Director/Coordinator (Supportive Services)
McPherson, Benjamin - Technology Integration Specialist
Melott, Joseph - Mechanic
Melott, Steven - Electrician II
Morris, Dewayne - Electrician II
Nice, Annette - Aide II
Nice, Robert - Bus Operator
Norris, Marie - Bus Operator
Novotny, Deborah - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Null, Mary - School Nurse (Below AB)
Pegg, Thomas - Bus Operator
Poe, Andrea - Secretary III
Ritz, Richard - Bus Operator
Sands, Donna - School Nurse (AB)
Scyoc, Melissa - School Nurse (AB)
Shank, David - Bus Operator
Simmons, Jobeth - Director or Coordinator of Services
Stuart, Rae - Director or Coordinator of Services
Stuart, William - Bus Operator
Talkington, Debra - Director or Coordinator of Services
Tefft, Andrew - Bus Operator
Thomas, Debra - Bus Operator
Thomas, Ralph - Bus Operator
Walton, John - Bus Operator
Weekley, Joshua - Technology Systems Specialist
Wells, Tammy - Director/Manager (Instructional)
West, Jason - Bus Operator
Williams, Leatha - Superintendent
Witschey, Daniel - Electrician II
Wright, Mary - School Nurse (Below AB)
Yeager, Robert - Deputy, Associate, or Assistant Superintendent
Yoho, Ricky - Bus Operator