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County Board Offices

Upshur County Schools
102 Smithfield Street
Buckhannon, WV  26201

Telephone: 304-472-5480
Fax : 304-472-0258
Webpage: None


Upshur County Schools Staff

Abel, Phil - Bus Operator
Akers, Jodie - Attendance Director
Akers, Melinda - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Bennett, Stephanie - Director or Coordinator of Services
Bennett, William - Bus Operator
Bever, Dexter - Bus Operator
Blackwell, Sarah - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Bohman, Paul - Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
Booth, Richard - Bus Operator
Bosley, Mike - Sanitation Plant Operator
Boudman, Bruce - Bus Operator
Brown, Charles - Bus Operator
Bush, Christy - Aide III
Carpenter, Christina - Bus Operator
Carr, Denver - Bus Operator
Carrico, Randall - Bus Operator
Carver, George - Treasurer/Chief School Business Official
Carver, Karen - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Clutter, Glenna - Technology Integration Specialist
Collett, Kelly - Director or Coordinator of Services
Cowger, John - Bus Operator
Craig, Jan - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Curtis, Steven - Bus Operator
Cutright, Jeffrey - Bus Operator
Daugherty, Randall - Bus Operator
Dean, Jeffrey - Electrician II
Derico, Michael - Electrician II
Derico, Timothy - Curriculum Specialist
Ervin, Jennifer - Bus Operator
Evans, Leonard - Bus Operator
Farnsworth, Eddy - Bus Operator
Foster, Taylor - School Nurse (AB)
Friend, Matthew - Sanitation Plant Operator
Furr, Bobby - Bus Operator
Godwin, Diane - School Nurse (AB)
Gould, Darrell - Bus Operator
Grill, Cathy - Bus Operator
Groggs, Debbie - Aide III
Groggs, William - Bus Operator
Halle, Teresa - Aide III
Hardman, Randy - Bus Operator
Havernewbrough, Sheryl - Secretary III
Hawkins, Mary - Director or Coordinator of Services
Henline, Lance - Technology Systems Specialist
Hilbert, Hugh - Bus Operator
Hinkle, Michael - Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
Hissam, Adrienne - Secretary - Executive
Hissam, Tracey - Secretary III
Hyre, Brenda - Aide III
Hyre, Melvin - Bus Operator
Jeran, Denice - Academic Coach
Jeran, Erika - Academic Coach
Jestice, Lori - School Nurse (AB)
Johnson, Jody - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Johnston, Paul - Chief Mechanic
King, Susan - Classroom Teacher, Middle/Junior High
Leigh, Tiffany - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Light, Judy - Aide III
Linger, Kyle - Bus Operator
Louk, Sheila - Academic Coach
Lowther, Carl - Bus Operator
McCourt, Brenda - Bus Operator
McDaniels, Andrea - Aide III
McDaniels, Randall - Mechanic
McIe, Steven - Bus Operator
Michael, Sue - Aide III
Mills, Jeff - Bus Operator
Moran, Keith - Director/Coordinator (Supportive Services)
Morgan, Dale - Bus Operator
Nazelrod II, Bennie - Bus Operator
Nesselroade, Cynthia - Director/Coordinator (Supportive Services)
Nestor, Christina - Aide IV
Ours, James - Mechanic
Page, Steven - Bus Operator
Painter, Connie - Secretary - Executive
Pappas, Ernest - Bus Operator
Perkins, Bill - Bus Operator
Phillips, Donna - Aide III
Poling, Deborah - Secretary III
Powers, Benton - Bus Operator
Reger, Jacky - Deputy, Associate, or Assistant Superintendent
Riggleman, Alvin - Custodian III
Riggleman, Connie - Aide IV
Robinson, Norma - Secretary III
Roessing, George - Bus Operator
Rolenson, Alexis - Bus Operator
Rovello, Rodney - Bus Operator
Sinclair, Keith - Electrician II
Skelton, Rachelle - Secretary III
Skidmore, Miranda - Technology Integration Specialist
Smallridge, Nolan - Bus Operator
Smith, Craig - Bus Operator
Smith, Debbie - Secretary III
Smithson, Crystal - Psychologist
Snyder, Linda - Director or Coordinator of Services
Starkey, Randal - Bus Operator
Starkey, Shelley - Academic Coach
Stone, Lindon - Bus Operator
Swift, Amanda - Bus Operator
Tallman, Joe - Bus Operator
Turner-Cutright, Mary - Bus Operator
Wager, Roy - Superintendent
Warner, Joseph - Bus Operator
Wentz, Ricky - Mechanic
Westfall, Robert - Truck Driver
White, Doug - Supervisor of Transportation
Wills, Sarah - Professional Accountant
Wingfield, Amanda - Bus Operator
Woods, Lori - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
Workman, Norman - Bus Operator