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County Board Offices

Pleasants County Schools
202 Fairview Drive
St. Marys, WV  26170

Telephone: 304-684-2215
Fax : 304-684-3569


Pleasants County Schools Staff

Bills, Gary - Director/Coordinator (Supportive Services)
Binegar II, Lyle - Bus Operator
Bobo, John - Technology Systems Specialist
Brown, James - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Byers, Tim - Bus Operator
Cox, Pam - Accounts Payable Supervisor
Cox, Rex - Director or Coordinator of Services
Cunningham, Eric - General Maintenance
Cupp, Annette - Bus Operator
Davis II, Richard - Chief Mechanic
Davis, Eric - Bus Operator
Emerson, Russ - Technology Systems Specialist
Fleming, David - Bus Operator
George, Jean - Payroll Supervisor
Hearn, Clay - Crew Leader
Hupp, Jennifer - Treasurer/Chief School Business Official
Kehrer, Kim - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Klingensmith, Amy - Bus Operator
Knight, Darla - Secretary III
Lamp Jr, K D - Bus Operator
Little, Gary - Bus Operator
Maston, Teresa - Secretary - Executive
Maze, Lew - Director or Coordinator of Services
Miller, John - Bus Operator
Miller, Patricia - Secretary III
Miller, Robert - Bus Operator
Miller, Ronald - Bus Operator
Mitchell, Pam - Technology Integration Specialist
Morehead, Kenneth - General Maintenance
Murphy, Larry - Bus Operator
Redin, William - Mechanic
Shultz, Timothy - General Maintenance
Smith, Sheila - Bus Operator
Taylor, David - Bus Operator
Taylor, Matthew - Bus Operator
Taylor, Vernon - Bus Operator
Wells, George - Superintendent
Winland, James - Bus Operator