County Board Offices

Barbour County Schools
45 School Street
Philippi, WV  26416

Telephone: 304-457-3030
Fax : 304-457-3559


Barbour County Schools Staff

Anglin, Donna - Bus Operator
Benson, Elaine - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Bowen, Heather - Secretary III
Cather, William - Bus Operator
Cross, Philip - Chief Mechanic
Cross, Sharon - Secretary III
Cunningham, William - Bus Operator
Edwards, Ronald - Bus Operator
Flowers Jr, Eddie - Accountant III
Freeman, Clark - Bus Operator
Freeman, Joe - Bus Operator
Freeman, Willis - Bus Operator
George, Marjorie - Supervisor of Transportation
Harvey, Barbara - Bus Operator
Howell, Bruce - Bus Operator
Huff, Amanda - Director or Coordinator of Services
Hughart, Annette - Treasurer/Chief School Business Official
Jones, Ronda - Secretary - Executive
Kaufman, Steven - Bus Operator
Kittle, Harold - Bus Operator
Kittle, Matthew - Bus Operator
Kittle, Ronald - Deputy, Associate, or Assistant Superintendent
Kittle, Thomas - Mechanic Assistant
Knight, Lisa - Bus Operator
Leach, Larry - Bus Operator
Lepsch, Lisa - Psychologist
Louk, Gregory - Bus Operator
Marsh, Gary - Bus Operator
Matko, David - Bus Operator
Mayle, Boyd - Electrician II
McLean, Ronald - Bus Operator
Mick, Brett - Electrician II
Mick, Brett - Supervisor of Maintenance
Miller, Jana - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Moss, Jeffrey - Custodian III
Moss, Jeffrey - Custodian III
Mouser, Camron - General Maintenance
Mouser, Todd - Electrician I
Phillips, Carl - Bus Operator
Phillips, David - Carpenter I
Phillips, Kenneth - Bus Operator
Poling, Larry - Bus Operator
Price, Matthew - Bus Operator
Price, Steven - Bus Operator
Reger, Charla - Curriculum Specialist
Ryan, Matthew - Bus Operator
Shelton, David - Bus Operator
Sprouse, James - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Stafford, Robert - Bus Operator
Super, Francis - Superintendent
Sweet, Glenn - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Sweet, Glenn - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Talbott, Homer - Director or Coordinator of Services
Wanstreet, Michael - Bus Operator
Ware, Donald - Bus Operator
Wilkinson, Sherman - Bus Operator
Wilson, David - Mechanic
Wilson, Steven - General Maintenance
Wright, Samuel - Bus Operator