County Board Offices

Clay County Schools
Po Box 120
Clay, WV  25043

Telephone: 304-587-4266
Fax : 304-587-4181


Clay County Schools Staff

Barss, Michael - Bus Operator
Belt, David - Bus Operator
Belt, Robert - Bus Operator
Bullard, Diana - Bus Operator
Butler, Stephen - Bus Operator
Calvert, Angela - Psychologist
Coen, Delno - Director or Coordinator of Services
Cruickshanks, Andrea - Bus Operator
Davis, David - Bus Operator
Deboard, Mitchell - Bus Operator
Douglas, Vercel - Bus Operator
Evans, Michael - Bus Operator
Fitzwater, Dustin - Bus Operator
Gray, Loretta - Director/Coordinator (Supportive Services)
Griffin McCutcheon, Brenda - Bus Operator
Haynie, Joan - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Holcomb, Jimmie - Bus Operator
Holcomb, Justin - Director or Coordinator of Services
Holcomb, Mary - Director or Coordinator of Services
Holcomb, Robin - Supervisor of Maintenance
Isaacs, Charles - Treasurer/Chief School Business Official
Johnson, Alicia - School Nurse (AB)
Johnson, Stephanie - Occupational Therapist
Keen, Gary - Bus Operator
King, Mary - Secretary III
Legg, Dale - Bus Operator
Legg, Patrick - Bus Operator
Litton, D. Wayne - Chief Mechanic
Litton, Robin - Secretary III
Litton, Steven - Bus Operator
Mace, Karrie - Psychologist
McLaughlin, Ricky - Mechanic
Miller, Maxine - Bus Operator
Moore, Beverly - Bus Operator
Moore, Jennifer - School Nurse (AB)
Mullins, Cheryl - Bus Operator
Mullins, Michael - Deputy, Associate, or Assistant Superintendent
Mullins, Pamela - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Neal, Danny - Director or Coordinator of Services
Nichols, Beverly - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Ramsey, Norman - Foreman
Ramsey, Wyona - Bus Operator
Rogers, John - Bus Operator
Rogers, Jonathan - Bus Operator
Salisbury, Tony - Painter
Shamblin, Russell - Supervisor of Transportation
Simmons, James - Bus Operator
Tanner, Kenneth - Superintendent
Thomas, Douglas - Director or Coordinator of Services
Williamson, James - Bus Operator
Woods, Goldie - Bus Operator
Workman, George - Bus Operator