WV School Directory

Pleasant View Elementary School
10500 Martinsburg Road
Hedgesville, WV  25427

Telephone: 304-304-2606
Fax : 304-258-7993

Grades : K-05
Enrollment : 132 (Uncertified)
School's Webpage: http://www.edline.net/pages/Morgan_County_Schools/Schools


Staff Listing -- 20 Staff Members

Brinegar, Charity - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Christie, Bridget - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Eader, Lisa - Cook II
Fox, Nicole - Principal, Elementary
Fox, Rocky - Custodian III
Futrell, Jacklyn - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Giumarro, Gena - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Graham, Dennis - Counselor, Elementary
Hill, Margaret - Remedial Specialist
Jones, Charles - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Keeling, Adam - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
McClintock, Summer - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Payne, Connie - Aide III
Polliard, Carri - Aide III
Shambaugh, Kimberly - Secretary III
Sharp, Guy - Permanent Substitute, Elementary
Shingleton, Lisa - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Smith, Elisabeth - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Wilson, Connie - Cafeteria Manager
Wurster, Dale - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
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