WV School Directory

Gilbert Elementary
Rt. 52 Elementary School Dr.
Gilbert, WV  25621

Telephone: 304-664-5042
Fax : 304-664-9723

Grades : PK-04
Enrollment : 471 (Uncertified)
School's Webpage: None Provided


Staff Listing -- 49 Staff Members

Belcher, Kay - Cook III
Blankenship, Alex - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Bobbera, Laura - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Bragg, Vanessa - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Breeding, Bonnie - Custodian III
Brown, Sandra - Bus Operator
Browning, Luann - Technology Systems Specialist
Browning, Wanda - Cook II
Carter, Brian - Custodian III
Clark, Patricia - Custodian III
Cline, Arella - Remedial Specialist
Cline, Barry - Librarian
Cline, Deborah - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Cline, Naomi - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Cline, Pamela - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Cline, Rita - Cook II
Cohenour, Misty - Autism Mentor
Dean-Mahon, Elizabeth - Speech Language Pathologist
Dingess, Patsy - Bus Operator
Ellis, Rainella - Autism Mentor
Endicott, Justin - Academic Coach
Endicott, Rebecca - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Endicott, Stephanie - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
England, Donna - Associate/Assistant Principal, Elementary
Feather, Samantha - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Fowler, Karen - Custodian III
Grimmett, Barbara - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Hall, Jaclyn - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Hamrick, Deborah - Autism Mentor
Hatfield, Annette - Autism Mentor
Hatfield, Charlene - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
Huffman, Frederick - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Jones, Bruce - Bus Operator
Lively, Elizabeth - Autism Mentor
May, Laura - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Mounts, Andrea - Counselor, Elementary
Mounts, Margo - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Mullins, Wilma - Autism Mentor
Perry, Tiffany - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Poe, Stephanie - Speech Language Pathologist
Ramey, Pamela - Autism Mentor
Rollyson, Jenny - Secretary III
Rutledge, Sherry - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Surber, Deena - Aide III
Tolliver, Malinda - Bus Operator
Trent, Ernestina - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Vance, Kimberly - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
White, Phyllis - Principal, Elementary
Woodruff, Kathy - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
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