WV School Directory

Mineral County Alternative School
50 Clary Street
Keyser, WV  26726

Telephone: 304-788-4213
Fax : 304-788-8423

Grades : 09-12
Enrollment : 7 (Uncertified)
School's Webpage: None Provided


Staff Listing -- 15 Staff Members

Baker, Ashley - Classroom Teacher, High School
Biser, Richard - Classroom Teacher, High School
Burton, Sarah - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Chapman, Ruth - Accountant II
Cook, Tina-Chantal - Classroom Teacher, High School
Denne, Luke - Counselor, Combined
Keplinger, Kimberly - Paraprofessional
Leilich, Ruth - Paraprofessional
Melody, Trina - School Nurse (AB)
Minshall, April - Paraprofessional
Sutherland, Diana - Classroom Teacher, High School
Whetzel, Anita - Custodian III
Whittacre, Pamela - Speech Language Pathologist
Wilson, Jane - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Woy, Jenni - Principal, Combined
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