WV School Directory

Mcninch Primary School
2600 Fourth Street
Moundsville, WV  26041

Telephone: 304-843-4431
Fax : 304-843-4461

Grades : PK-02
Enrollment : 421 (Uncertified)
School's Webpage: http://boe.mars.k12.wv.us/mcninch/index.htm


Staff Listing -- 64 Staff Members

Adams, Rhonda - Aide III
Allen, Janet - Cook II
Allender, Krenna - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Behm, Shelly - Counselor, Elementary
Burdette, Catherine - Speech Language Pathologist
Clough, Chris - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Crow, Brenda - Secretary III
Decasper, Christina - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Dobkin, Nicole - Custodian III
Dorsey, Stephanie - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
Doty, Ashley - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Duffy, Jane - Principal, Elementary
Games, Kari - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Geho, Nikki - Licensed Practical Nurse
Gilbert, Tori - Speech Language Pathologist
Groome, Amy - Remedial Specialist
Gump, Ashley - Autism Mentor
Hamric, Deborah - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Hartle, Teri - Speech Language Pathologist
Henderson, Jade - Remedial Specialist
Holmes, Erin - Autism Mentor
Hoskins, Katie - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Howard, Mark - Aide IV
Hudson, Cynthia - Aide II
Jasinski-Ovies, Michelle - Remedial Specialist
Kale, Sharon - Aide III
Kelley, Mary - Licensed Practical Nurse
Logsdon, Melissa - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Loy, Kristen - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Lucas, Darla - Aide III
Marsh, Helen - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
McCormick, Megan - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
McCulley, Ashley - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
McGlumphy, Donna - Autism Mentor
Minor, Robin - Aide IV
Mitchell, Edith - Aide II
Montgomery, Sabrina - Remedial Specialist
Muldrew, Kimberly - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Myers, Michelle - Aide III
O'Neil, Holly - Licensed Practical Nurse
Oliver, Mary - Cook III
Patrick, Jennifer - Aide IV
Pickett, Jennifer - Counselor, Elementary
Ratcliffe, Melinda - Licensed Practical Nurse
Riding, Tammy - School Nurse (AB)
Roberts, Elizabeth - Aide IV
Ryan, Shay - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Rymer, Amanda - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Schneid, Heather - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Sobutka, Kristen - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Steinman, Jim - Custodian III
Stevey, Dawn - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Strawn, Tammy - Aide II
Tedesco, Leslie - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Thomas, Crystal - Aide II
Tomer, Lisa - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Tribett, Teresa - Cook II
Varner, Suzanne - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
Williams, Katherine - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Willis, Dusty - Custodian III
Wood, Linda - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Yocum, Renae - Aide II
Yoder, Leslie - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Zervos, Shawna - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
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