WV School Directory

Cottageville Elementary School
100 School Street
Cottageville, WV  25239

Telephone: 304-372-7330
Fax : 304-372-7342

Grades : PK-05
Enrollment : 146 (Uncertified)
School's Webpage: http://members.tripod.com/~cottageville/


Staff Listing -- 33 Staff Members

Armentrout, Rebecca - Cafeteria Manager
Bratcher, Donna - Secretary III
Butcher, Effie - Custodian IV
Casto, Megan - Speech Language Pathologist
Corbin, Robin - Counselor, Elementary
Cross, Sue - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Davis, Tina - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Durst, Emily - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Ebinger, Sara - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Fields, Michelle - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Hafer, Timothy - Custodian III
Hardbarger, Danette - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Hayman, Joan - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Hoschar, Joyce - Cook III
Humphreys, Melinda - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Hurt, Kathy - Braille or Sign Language Specialist
James, Rachel - Psychologist
Judge, Cassandra - School Nurse (AB)
Keller, Shanee - Remedial Specialist
King, Paula - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Lanham, Casie - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Lemasters, Tracy - Principal, Elementary
Loprinzi, Neil - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Matheny, Susan - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Matics, Beverly - Paraprofessional
Miller, Patricia - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Mills, Chase - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Shockey, Danielle - Remedial Specialist
Skeen, Samantha - Academic Coach
Tanner, Laurel - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Tennant, David - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Thompson, Jessica - Remedial Specialist
Toler, Mary - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
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