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WV School Directory

Nutter Fort Primary School
1302 Buckhannon Pike
Nutter Fort, WV  26301

Telephone: 304-326-7520
Fax : 304-624-3382

Grades : PK-02
Enrollment : 706 (Uncertified)
School's Webpage:


Staff Listing -- 95 Staff Members

Anderson, Marsha - Aide III
Angotti, Mary - Aide III
Ash, Tommy - Custodian III
Bailey, Maria - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Barberio, Koa - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Bealko, Sara - Speech Language Pathologist
Bennett, Nicole - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Bokey, Andrea - Cook II
Bowers, Connie - Remedial Specialist
Bowers, Logan - Remedial Specialist
Brand, Eric - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Burner, Tamara - Remedial Specialist
Burnett, Terra - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Campbell, Brittany - Aide IV
Clutter, Vernon - Custodian IV
Cogar, Jonah - Cook II
Colombo, Christina - Technology Integration Specialist
Cooper, Mary - Aide IV
Dannunzio, Deborah - Aide II
Davis, Shawna - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Destito, Jennifer - Occupational Therapist
Dunbar, Aaron - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Earnest, Anthony - Custodian III
Fedio, Kristy - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Forinash, Nedra - Cook II
Fowler, Elisha - Aide IV
Frazier, Loverna - Custodian III
Fubio, Christine - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Gibson, Sandra - Aide IV
Gilbert, Joann - Principal, Elementary
Griffith, Nancy - Cook II
Hall, Donna - Aide IV
Hammond, Jennifer - Occupational Therapist
Hamrick, Carrie - Aide IV
Harper, Marla - Cook II
Hartzell, Lara - Physical Therapist
Hawk, Brian - Counselor, Elementary
Haynes, Jessica - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Hogsten, David - Custodian III
Howarth, Sarah - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Hunt, Yvette - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Ielapi, Deana - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Jarrett, Debora - Cafeteria Manager
Jenkins, Alayca - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Jenkins, Sandra - Custodian III
Jougras, Emily - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Klages, Denni - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Knotts, Cynthia - Associate/Assistant Principal, Elementary
Kroll, Kristen - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Lemley, Ellen - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
Lemley, Eric - Technology Integration Specialist
Lemley, Sonya - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Levake, Cari - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Lindsey, Lucinda - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Loss, Jaclyn - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Majewski, Kristen - Psychologist
Marks, Cheryl - Speech Language Pathologist
Marks, Sherry - Counselor, Elementary
Marozzi, Shawna - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
Maunz, Nancy - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
McCracken, Amy - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
McGinnis, Judith - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Mealey, Amanda - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Miller, Diana - Remedial Specialist
Miller, Miranda - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Moran-Cottrill, Tammy - Aide IV
Morrison, Tamela - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Owens III, Willie - Aide IV
Phillips, Ashley - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Posey, Julia - Cook II
Posey, Laura - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Postlewait, Ladonna - Aide IV
Pulice, Kim - Remedial Specialist
Rapp, Jessica - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
Riley, Cynthia - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Salerno, Martha - Aide III
Scheidler, Leah - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Secret, Frank - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Shahan, Verna - Accountant I
Shaw, Debra - Cook II
Stalnaker, Joyce - Aide III
Stier, Kelly - Librarian
Stutler, Crystal - Aide IV
Swaim, Tammy - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Tennis, Anna - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Thornton, Joshua - Counselor, Elementary
Ulmer, Claire - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Waggoner, Meredith - Speech Language Pathologist
Weaver, Warren - Cook II
Williams, Linda - Aide II
Williams-Romano, Mary - Remedial Specialist
Womeldorff, Cari - Accountant II
Woods, Amy - Aide IV
Woofter, Brittany - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Zickefoose, Jennifer - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
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