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WV School Directory

Lumberport Elementary School
Po Box 417 Chestnut & Lyndon Streets
Lumberport, WV  26386

Telephone: 304-326-7020
Fax : 304-584-5943

Grades : PK-05
Enrollment : 352 (Uncertified)
School's Webpage: None Provided


Staff Listing -- 49 Staff Members

Amos, Megan - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Barberio, Stephen - Custodian III
Barton, Jennifer - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Baxter, Brenda - Aide IV
Brown, Sue - Cook II
Calvert, Jonathan - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Channell, Frederic - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Channell, Julie - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Clagett, Sharon - Speech Language Pathologist
Coleman, Lecia - Aide IV
Cooper, James - Physical Therapist
Cottrill, Elizabeth - Cafeteria Manager
Crandall, Michael - Custodian IV
Cunningham, Jason - Custodian III
Demarco, Kathy - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Edwards, Kalyn - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Forinash, Jody - Remedial Specialist
Fubio, Christine - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Gemondo, Pamela - Cook II
Gentilozzi, Melanie - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Hammond, Jennifer - Occupational Therapist
Hardin, Seath - Remedial Specialist
Haught, Patti - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Henry, Kari - Remedial Specialist
Howell, Kimberly - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Jones, Rebecca - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Lewis, Tracy - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Luchuck, Vickie - Principal, Elementary
Mallory, Carolyn - Remedial Specialist
McDowell, Mary - Librarian
McQuaid, Brittany - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Moore, Donna - School Nurse (AB)
Moore, Veda - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
Napier, Sheila - Aide IV
Navarini, Sheri - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Postle, Meredith - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Rinschler Jr, Richard - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Rinschler, Alexa - Counselor, Elementary
Rittenhouse, Debra - Remedial Specialist
Staley, Lisa - Speech Language Pathologist
Swiger, Anne - Accountant II
Thompson, Jessica - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Tonkery, Shari - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Totten, Bonita - Aide III
Vallango, Kelly - Psychologist
Wayts, Jodi - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Williams, Jeanna - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Wotring Speakman, Rebecca - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Zornes, Valerie - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
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