WV School Directory

Lost Creek Elementary School
Po Box 128
Lost Creek, WV  26385

Telephone: 304-326-7040
Fax : 304-745-4393

Grades : PK-05
Enrollment : 181 (Uncertified)
School's Webpage: None Provided


Staff Listing -- 34 Staff Members

Baker, Shikia - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Ballard, Emily - Speech Language Pathologist
Bond, Mark - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Cann, Bridget - Cafeteria Manager
Carpenter, Tiffany - Cook II
Coffman, Lauren - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Day, Erin - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Destito, Jennifer - Occupational Therapist
Diehl, Amanda - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Dotson, Lenora - Aide IV
Gerrard-Stewart, Pansy - Aide III
Gorman, Kim - Accountant II
Hall, Cara - Aide IV
Hardin, Seath - Remedial Specialist
Heck, David - Custodian IV
Holipski, Jennifer - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Knorr, Leah - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Lamb, Vicki - Custodian III
Lawson, Jo-Ellen - Aide IV
Montgomery, Misty - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
Murphy, Jaime - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Renzelli, Karen - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Riley, Cynthia - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Riley, Deborah - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Rinschler, Alexa - Counselor, Elementary
Sellas, Irene - Speech Language Pathologist
Seti, Justin - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Simmons, Allison - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Trent, Laura - Principal, Elementary
Wadsworth, Margaret - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Waggy, Kimberly - Psychologist
Ward, Carol - School Nurse (AB)
Widenhofer, Jaclyn - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Ziman, Alicia - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
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