WV School Directory

Weirton Heights Elementary School
160 South 12th Street
Weirton, WV  26062-3398

Telephone: 304-748-1950
Fax : 304-748-4102

Grades : K-04
Enrollment : 392 (Uncertified)
School's Webpage: http://www.edline.net/pages/Weirton_Heights_ES


Staff Listing -- 52 Staff Members

Allen, Leslie - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Asbury, Cherie - Cook III
Bickel, Janelle - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Burdette, Jennifer - Speech Language Pathologist
Carey, Frank - Principal, Elementary
Carey, Katherine - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Cekinovich, Catherine - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Colabrese, Catherine - Secretary III
Curtis, Jennifer - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Dalesio, Mary - Aide II
Davis, Mona - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Decaria, Deborah - School Nurse (AB)
Enich, Lisa - Autism Mentor
Fink, Tammy - Cook II
Fodor, Jacqueline - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Freshwater, Melissa - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Hall, Michelle - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Huffman, Robyn - Aide II
Jennelle, Barbara - Aide III
Johnson, Russell - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Kolman, Dina - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Lallone, Janet - Licensed Practical Nurse
Larosa, Sherri - Autism Mentor
Lojszczyk, Robin - Aide II
MacLachlan, Donald - Custodian III
Magnone, Carrie - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Marston, Sharon - Remedial Specialist
Martin, Hymandria - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Mendrick, Pamela - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Mikula, Diana - Technology Integration Specialist
Miller, Denise - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Musulin, Shauna Jo - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Myers, Angela - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Naughton, Jessica - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
O'Brien, Roberta - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Pendergrast, James - Custodian II
Pietrangelo, Ashley - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Rafacz, Paul - Custodian II
Randolph, Karen - Speech Language Pathologist
Reardon, Cheryl - Aide III
Romitti, Andrew - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Rulnick, Josh - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Rusinovich, Joanne - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Saxon, Noreen - Aide III
Smith, Amber - Remedial Specialist
Spell, Susan - Licensed Practical Nurse
Thomas, Tracy - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Thomaselli, Mary - Autism Mentor
Troia, Denise - Aide IV
Turani, Dianne - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Virden, Karen - Autism Mentor
Walter, Sarah - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
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