WV School Directory

Wellsburg Primary School
1448 Main Street
Wellsburg, WV  26070

Telephone: 304-737-0133
Fax : 304-737-0463

Grades : PK-04
Enrollment : 236 (Uncertified)
School's Webpage: http://bhs.broo.k12.wv.us/Schools/Wellsburg Primary/index.htm


Staff Listing -- 33 Staff Members

Bailey, Teresa - Aide III
Baker, Joan - Curriculum Specialist
Battista, Christine - Technology Integration Specialist
Buchanan, Russel - Custodian III
Buck, Paula - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Bucy, Evelyn - Cook II
Deemer, Nancy - Secretary II
Dimarzio, Amanda - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Douglas, Kimberly - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Ennis, Judith - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Falcon, Billie - Curriculum Specialist
Griffith, Sue - Aide IV
Hohenshil, Linda - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Hunter, Shannon - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Jack, Karol - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Kirchner, Stephanie - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Kisner, Holly - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Lahita, Robin - Aide III
Lamantia, Tricia - Speech Language Pathologist
Lloyd, Dana - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Matteson, Laura - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Nieman, Brittney - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Ossman, Lorraine - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Provenzano, Margaret - Cook III
Reinacher, Brandi - Remedial Specialist
Rihel, Mark - Principal, Elementary
Riska, Cindy - Aide IV
Secrist, Mary - Aide IV
Stucin, Jenny - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Tennant, Joyce - Custodian III
Thomas, Katherine - Aide III
Whitehead, Karen - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Withers, Tammy - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
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