WV School Directory

Sutton Elementary School
288 N Hill Road
Sutton, WV  26601

Telephone: 304-765-5202
Fax : 304-765-5547

Grades : PK-06
Enrollment : 181 (Uncertified)
School's Webpage: http://boe.brax.k12.wv.us/schools/SuttonFrm.htm


Staff Listing -- 30 Staff Members

Balcourt, Gail - Principal, Elementary
Berry, Danielle - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Brady, Michael - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Bright, Elizabeth - Cafeteria Manager
Butler, Stacey - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Capron, Laura - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
Copenhaver, Roselee - Counselor, Elementary
Cox, Flora - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Davis, Kim - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Dobbins, Heather - Autism Mentor
Foster, Cara - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Greynolds, Claudette - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Harman, Lindsay - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
Helmick, Billy - Custodian IV
Jagielski, Sheffie - Autism Mentor
James, Robin - Autism Mentor
Keener, Melisa - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Kitzmiller, Melissa - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
Locke, Christopher - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Mahon, Colleen - Speech Language Pathologist
McGowan, Suzanne - Occupational Therapist
Pritt, Lori - Cook III
Robinson, Cynthia - Secretary III
Rose, Jessica - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Schiefer, John - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Schiefer, Susan - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Snyder, Angela - Cook III
Squires, Cassie - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Whitney, Jaclyn - Aide IV
Wills, Amy - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
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