WV School Directory

Marlowe Elementary School
9580 Williamsport Pike
Falling Waters, WV  25419

Telephone: 304-274-2291
Fax : 304-274-8939

Grades : PK-02
Enrollment : 361 (Uncertified)
School's Webpage: http://boe.berk.k12.wv.us/bcschools/s209/


Staff Listing -- 42 Staff Members

Barrett, Joanne - Cook II
Beamer, Dorothy - Aide III
Bingham, Kristie - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Clark, Kista - Custodian III
Cochrane, Amy - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Cosner, Megan - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
Currence, Briana - Aide IV
Drumheller, Denise - Aide IV
Edwards, Mary - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Ellis, Kimberly - Aide IV
Ematrudo, Krista - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Exline, Robert - Custodian IV
Green, Megan - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Gregory, Wendy - Secretary II
Higginbotham, Jennifer - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Hill, Beth - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Hull, Lynette - Braille or Sign Language Specialist
Irons, Holly - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Jenkins, Jessie - Aide III
Johnson, Stephanie - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Jones, Julie - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Kane, Beverly - Aide IV
Knight, Josiane - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Lloyd, Charity - Secretary II
Messick, Deborah - Aide II
Miller, Amber - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Miller, Tara - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Moreland, Teresa - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Mullenix, Sara - Counselor, Elementary
Recher, Mary - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Sencindiver, Sharon - Aide III
Shirley, Tammy - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Sitzer, Kimberly - Aide II
Sorg, Amanda - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Spickler, Tellena - Aide III
Spinks, Donna - Cafeteria Manager
Starliper, Catherine - Aide II
Stevens, Amanda - Principal, Elementary
Tsiatsos, Angela - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Walls, Donna - Aide II
Webber, Rhonda - Librarian
Wertman, Janis - School Nurse (AB)
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