What's Happening in West Virginia?

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Buffalo High School, Putnam County

WV Department of Education member Thomas Campbell with Greenbrier East High School Principal Jeff Bryant visits a Globaloria class on Digital Learning Day.  
-Liz Daigle
Teacher, Globaloria

 DLD in Game Design I Classes at Tygarts Valley Middle/High School--Students are creating blogs in blogger.com as a part of the Globaloria curriculum so that they can communicate with each other and the wider social network of users in Globaloria.
Mrs. Diane White, Instructor



This is a video we shot in celebration of Digital Learning Day 2013. It features the original music of Emily C. Allen and the students of the Liberty High School Music and Theatre Departments. We are grateful for all the help and inspiration that your office has provided us with. We hope you enjoy the video.

E. Jeremy Rodriguez
Liberty High School Fine Arts Chair


The attached photos show how digital learning is taking place at Robert C. Byrd Highschool in Clarksburg.  English 9 Honors' students created commercials to demonstrate a particular propaganda technique that could be used to advertise products.  Two of the four groups chose to record their commercial outside of school and show in class rather than give a live skit version. The first group advertised Auntie Anne's pretzels, using the propaganda techique of "bandwagon". The second group advertised Scott toilet paper, using the propaganda technique of "plain folks". Both groups demonstrated knowledge in movie-recording software, including video transitions, added music, speed controls, etc.  The second group even had a "before/after" component to their video, using a black 'n white manipulation to visually show their classmates the transition.

Below are the steps of instruction that led to these productions.

________________________________________________________________ Digital Learning
State/District/School: WV/Harrison/RCB

City: Clarksburg

State: West Virginia

My English 9 Honors students read the novel Animal Farm.  We discussed the types of propaganda used in this book in connection with the Russian Revolution.  We first viewed examples of propaganda in relation to this book and the time period with the following links:



Next, students researched different propaganda techniques in our school's computer lab.  They listed summaries of these techniques on the following worksheet:


Finally, students viewed various commercials and categorized them according to propaganda type on the same worksheet.  We viewed these commercials on the overhead.  Here is the link:


Once students saw how propaganda was used in history and real-world advertisements, they began creating an advertisement of their own.  Each group chose a product randomly from a stack of printed pictures, and they developed either a print ad or a commercial to present to their class.  They were required to use one propaganda technique that they learned as well as choose a target audience for their ad.

Thank you, Rachel Skubis RCB English 9 Teacher