What's Happening in West Virginia?

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Third grader, Charlie Ihlenfeld , at Steenrod Elementary in Ohio County Schools is sharing with students in gifted education classroom his strategy for identifying decagons as part of an online geometry unit.

Submitted by:
Kathleen Bowers, Gifted Specialist

Keyboarding and Mobi skills have been a couple of the focuses for students in grades K-4 technology classes at New River Elementary in Fayette County. On digital learning day, several students enjoyed being challenged (using groups) to see how well they could put the letters and numbers back on the keyboard using the Mobi along with ABCYa's Keyboard Challenge.
Jennifer Filipovich
New River Elementary


See attached for pictures of Kenna Elementary (Kanawha County) fourth grade students using their Samsung tablets. They are scanning QR codes to visit web sites about the three branches of the US Government. The information they find will be used to complete the Zoom In TechSteps project.
Penny Rayhill
Pinch/Kenna Computer Technologist


 The Early Childhood Education class at Nicholas County Career and Technical Center celebrated Digital Learning Days on February 6th.  Instructor Teresa Jackson presented a lesson on the online program Tagxedo.    Tagxedo turns words -- famous speeches, news articles, slogans and themes -- into a visually stunning word cloud, words individually sized appropriately to highlight the frequencies of occurrence within the body of text. 
Students were able to choose names, favorite things and people to add to their word cloud, print them out and frame their own digital design.
Teresa Jackson
Nicholas County Career and Technical Center
Early Childhood Education


Lewis County High School ninth grade English students are finishing a Microsoft Publisher project as a culminating research project to Homer’s The Odyssey.  Students were given a fictitious budget of $100,000 to travel to three or more places throughout the world.  They had to research the travel destination, travel costs, food expenses, hotel accommodations, and entertainment options for their twenty-day (like Odysseus and his twenty-year journey) journey.  They then put this into a brochure which had to feature an abstract, cover, works cited, and vacation destination summary (with completed budgets). Here are some pictures of students working and displaying their completed projects.

Teachers are: Mrs. Lesley White, English teacher, and Mrs. Barbara Spaur, special educator.

Most of these pictures are from ENG 11 using the iPads to film interview skits they wrote to prepare for Mock Interview. There is one picture of my Shakespeare class reading Othello on the Kindle Fires. 

Here are pictures of Melissa Elliott’s English class using Ipads to film interviews at Martinsburg High School.

Here are some photos of students using WV Writes to prepare for the writing assessment. 
Mrs. Kelli White
Seventh grade
Jackson Middle School
Vienna, WV


Attached are some pictures from Philip Barbour High School's Career Technical and New Tech Center on Digital Learning Day.  Students at our Career Technical Center experience digital learning on a daily basis as do students in our New Tech school within a school model.  Our business teacher, Mr. Gerald Furby and one of our social studies teachers, Mrs. Allyson McNaboe, collaborate throughout the school year with an integrated Civics/Game Design class.  Mr. Furby also teaches Game Design as a stand-alone concentration.  Mrs. McNaboe incorporates Game Design into her Travel WV course as well.  These two teachers spent time developing resources and lesson plans that could be used throughout our school by all teachers for DLD.  

Our New Tech students experience 1:1 computer daily.  All of their coursework is delivered and completed digitally.  We feel we are reaching out to our students "where they are" by delivering instruction in this PBL, technology-rich environment.  This is our first year of implementation with New Tech and the feedback is wonderful.  Students are happy that they do not have to "power down" when they enter PB New Tech.  They "power up" and engage every day!  We are glad we could participate.


Rebecca L. Nesbitt
Career & Technical Education/Child Nutrition
Barbour County Schools


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