WVCHIP -- West Virginia Children's Health Insurance Program

Every West Virginia child deserves health insurance. And now, as a parent or school parent leader, you can help them get it. During the week of September 20, each school in West Virginia will receive a supply of information packets on the WV Children's Health Insurance Program (WV CHIP) from your county school board office. Each packet includes interesting and timely health material that can be used as a teaching tool. Most importantly, each packet needs to go home to every child in your school. Parents must receive the packet and complete the registration to become eligible for the program.

WV CHIP is a new program that provides health insurance for uninsured children. It provides health insurance coverage for working West Virginians who may make too much for WV Medicaid, but not enough to afford private insurance. Many children in your classrooms may be eligible.

Parents and parent leaders play a crucial role in the success of this effort in two ways. First, you can make sure your school's parent organizations publicize this program. By emphasizing the importance of getting this information to parents, you can help children in your school get the medical care they need - for free. Second, you may qualify for the program. Review the application and check the guidelines. If you are unsure, then apply. WV CHIP is not a welfare program, but a health insurance program for working families. The guidelines follow:

Number of People
(Parents and Children)     Maximum Monthly Income

2                                   $1,382

3                                   $1,735

4                                   $2,087

5                                   $2,440

6                                   $2,792

7                                   $3,145

Thanks for your help with this effort. If you need more packets or want additional information, call 1-877-WVACHIP, that's 1-877-982-2447. Or e-mail WV CHIP at wvchip@wvdhhr.org.