2014 Spring School Counselors Workshop: Handouts


Day 1 - Preconference

Preconference Session I

Preconference Session II

Preconference Session III

Preconference Session IV

Preconference Session V

Day 2 - Main conference

General Session


1. Executive Function: Strategies for "Out of Sync" BehaviorsExecutive Function
2. Policy 2315 Roundtable
3. So - You Want More Mental Health Services - Now What?
4. Trauma Informed SchoolsTrauma Sensitive Schools March 2014
5. Support for Personalized LearningSupport for Personalized Learning


6. Bullying Policy Requirements and ResourcesBullying PP with New Policy 4373 Requirements
7. Career Exploration, Postsecondary Planning Tools, www.CFWV.com and Financial AidFinancial Aid Update 2014
8. Personalized Education Plans - A School-wide Approach
9. Navigating the Changing Landscape of West Virginia Student AssessmentsChanging Landscape School Counselor
10. So - You Want More Mental Health Services - Now What? (REPEAT)Revised Transition Map (3/20)


11. Data Tools for School Counselors Google Yourself Jason Brier
12. Designing Transition Programs That Work
13. High Quality Early Learning Program: An Overview
14. Making the Shift to NxG Mathematics and English Language ArtsAdolescent Programming (Math and ELA)
15. Transitioning to National Career Clusters

(As new handouts are made available they will be posted here.)