2009 Fall School Counselors Workshop

Recommending High School Math Course Sequences – What’s the Difference?
Lou Maynus - WVDE

It's a Sad Mad Glad Life...the Anatomy of Your Attitude
Jim Strawn - Highland Hospital

State-Level Financial Aid and Outreach Services Update
Jennifer Wood - WV HEPC

The Health Science Education Advantage...Bridging To Postsecondary Education and Healthcare Careers
Becky Davis - WVDE

Kathy Dantoni - WVDE

Parent Involvement
Betsy Peterson - WVDE

Parent Involvement
Anita Deck - Edvantia

Careers in Education
Susan Rice - WVDE

Lynn Bennett - Bennett Educational Consulting

WV Virtual School
Anne Meadows - WVDE

College Transition 101 Initiative
Fred Oelschlager - WVNCC

Selling Teaching as a Great Profession.
Lori Wiggins - WVDE