WV Graduation Requirements

WV Graduation Requirements - Revised 2014 - for students graduating before 2020

WV Graduation Requirements - Revised 2016 - for students graduating with the Class of 2020 and beyond.

Interactive Graduation Checklist that allows students to select courses already completed to see what additional courses and credits they must complete in order to graduate.

Students in West Virginia are required to complete a Five Year Academic/Career Plan, referred to as a Peronalized Education Plan (PEP) as per WVBOE Policy 2510. Students complete a two-year plan in the 8th grade and a three-year plan in the 10th grade. Below is the WVDE template counties may wish to use. Counties will need to modify to include any additional individual county requirements.

WVDE Personalized Education Plan Template 2 and 3-year Plan