School Counselor Performance Standards: A state task force developed inaugural West Virginia School Counselor Performance Standards that will include performance level rubrics for each indicator describing what school counselor performance looks like from basic to exemplary. These new standards serve as the foundation for a new evaluation system, for school counselor preparation programs, and a roadmap to guide the counselor's role in schools. These standards were approved by the State Board in December 2010. These standards are found under the counselor tab on the website.

New School Counselor Evaluation System: (2012-13 School Year) A new evaluation system was developed and piloted during the 2011-12 school year. The evaluation system was expanded by adding 110 demonstration sites during the 2012-13 school year. This new evaluation system drew "13 critical evaluation elements" from the school counselor performance standards that serve as a basis for self reflection and goal setting. The new evaluation system is the first school counselor specific evaluation system for the state of West Virginia and is slated to go statewide during the 2013-14. The evaluation guide and tools are found under the counselor tab on the website. Counselors and principals may wish to review the guide to begin preparing for implementation.

New School Counselor Evaluation System: (2013-14 School Year) The new evaluation is in effect for all school counselors in West Virginia. Most questions related to the evaluation can be answered by reviewing the evaluation guide. Also, a special school counselor evaluation webpage has been set up that contains additional information and tools to further assist you as you implement the new system. This resource page contains additional resources you may find helpful.

Fall 2013 Workshops have been postponed until spring of 2014. Both WVBE Policy 2315: Comprehensive School Counseling Programs and Policy 2510: Assuring the Quality of Education: Regulations for Education Programs are being revised and are projected to go to the State Board in December 2013. Both these policies contain major implications for school counselors. Therefore, we are postponing the Fall Workshops and plan to hold these in late March. We will send a Save-the-Date as soon as dates have been set.