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Key Elements of High-Achieving Schools

The American Student Achievement Institute ( research shows that the following key elements must be in place for high-achieving schools:

  • Student, faculty, and the community share a common vision for student achievement.
  • All students are surrounded by adults who believe in and support them.
  • Each student, faculty member, parent, and community member has a personal reason for wanting to raise student achievement.
  • The concepts of high expectations are concretely and clearly described and measurable.
  • All students clearly understand the expectations that are held for them.

SREB (PDF) believes the most effective way to assure these elements are met is through an effective guidance and advisement system that:

  • Connects students to an adult.
  • Connects students with a goal. (This involves a systematic career planning system for every student.)
  • Connects students and parent through and advisory system assuring they know how to navigate the system.
  • Ensures that parents meet annually with an adviser to address goals and high school plans.
  • Ensures that every student has a niche, a place where he or she belongs.