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School Counselor - LINKS Roles and Responsibilities

  • Enhance the implementation of the LINKS program, such as:
  • Serve as a resource to LINKS advisors regarding lesson plans and activities
  • Respond to ongoing needs of the program
  • Collaborate and provide consulting services that support the development and implementation of the program
  • Provide educational research for the program
  • Provide professional staff development on academic, career and personal/social domains as needed
  • Provide appropriate grade-level guidance lessons on relevant topics not covered by the LINKS program
  • Identify and include guest speakers on a variety of topics
  • Ensure students meet all graduation requirements
  • Share student transcripts, ISTP (5 year plan), career pathway and concentration information, school graduation requirements and checklist and portfolio planner
  • Collaborate with LINKS advisor to develop and revise Individualized Student Transition Plan (ISTP) annually
  • Provide counseling services to students referred by the LINKS advisors
  • Work with referred students to adjust schedules and ensure they are enrolled in all courses required for graduation and career concentrations
  • Refer students to outside resources as needed
  • Provide student group counseling and access community resources on topics such as: substance abuse, anger management, grief, domestic violence
  • Connect and coordinate compatible advising programs and activities to LINKS, such as:
    • Student schedules
    • Grade level orientations
    • Grade level and senior projects
    • "Making High School Count," "Making College Count"
    • School-wide assemblies that relate to LINKS program
    • Online career exploration programs
    • Career day programs and post secondary exploration programs (including "College Day" and field trips)
    • Interview expositions
    • Scholarship and financial aid information and school-wide programs