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Coordinator - LINKS Roles and Responsibilities

  • Ensures that school-specific needs are addressed.
  • Provides support for the implementation of the LINKS program.
  • Attends all training provided by district or state for the LINKS program.
  • Stays abreast of policies, procedures, and changes relevant to the LINKS program.
  • Assists with delivery and/or scheduling of professional development for all persons in the LINKS program.
  • Coordinates the maintenance and secure storage of student portfolios.
  • Copies and distributes lesson plans and handouts to advisors or facilitates process through grade level coordinators.
  • Views all lesson plans well in advance and assures that all school specific forms are provided to advisors. (graduation requirements, checklists, course information, co-curricular activities, etc.)
  • Views curriculum Power Points and adapt to align with your school’s needs and programs.
  • Collects and shares results data for the program with steering committee.
  • Communicates with building administrator and school board regarding program success, funding, and other needs.
  • Provides public relations for the LINKS program.
    • Promotes and advertises the program to all stake holders which may include, but is not limited to:
      • Flyers
      • Parent and Staff brochure (provided on LINKS website)
      • Websites (updated regularly)
      • Newsletter
      • Public Service Announcement
      • Morning announcements