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Roles and Responsibilities for LINKS Advisors

  • Facilitate delivery of LINKS lessons.
  • Facilitate student achievement and personal growth through collaborative classroom guidance experiences.
  • Advocate for your advisees.
  • Serve as a positive role model for your students.
  • Maintain appropriate student-adult boundaries.
  • Establish a nurturing environment that promotes communication.
  • Support advisee success by being the primary school contact for your LINKS students and other relevant stakeholders, including parents and guardians
  • Develop a partnership with parents/guardians to support student progress.
  • Meet face-to-face with parents at least 2x per year
  • Develop and update Individual Student Transition Plan (ISTP)
  • Conference regarding other student information
  • Communicate regularly with parents, including positive updates as well as other information to provide for student needs
  • Provide information on available resources (e.g. tutoring)
  • Monitor student needs regarding attendance, behavior, academics, extra-curricular activities, etc.
  • Monitor academic progress, and promote career awareness and personal growth.
  • Assist with career/academic portfolio development.
  • House career/academic portfolios for your advisees.
  • Develop positive relationships and provide extra support for individual students as needed. (The advisor is not a substitute for the school counselor.)
  • Collaborate with relevant community stakeholders to address student needs.
  • Collaborate with coordinator, school counselor, and school administrator to secure resources and support students.
  • Facilitate the evaluation process.
    • Take online survey and make every effort to ensure every student in your advisement group completes the survey at the beginning and end of each school year.
    • Use other online tools to evaluate LINKS lessons and program (found in the evaluation section of the website).
    • Facilitate student completion of online LINKS lesson evaluate at least twice per semester.