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Learning, Individualized Needs, Knowledge and Skills

Policy 2520.19 Student Advisement Content Standards and Objectives

Advisory Best Practice Assessment and Planning Tool for Schools

LINKS is a grade 5-12 West Virginia Student Advisement Model and is research-based and standards-based. This website provides planning and implementation tools, including curriculum maps and standards-based lesson plans designed to enhance academic, career and personal-social development for West Virginia middle and high school students.

The purpose of LINKS is to advance student learning, success, and development in a proactive, deliberate, developmental manner by establishing a personal relationship with at least one consistent adult who faciltates weekly lessons and serves as an advocate for their students. LINKS provides a vehicle for schools to 'link' to other school and community initiatives and develops the whole child through a system of individualized supports for each student.

The LINKS curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between what is taught in the core curriculum and the skills necessary for success in school, post-secondary education and the work place by addressing six major skills areas:

  • School Success Skills
  • Academic Planning
  • Career Exploration
  • Post-Secondary Planning
  • Interpersonal/Life Skills
  • Work Ethic

Why do we need LINKS?

Students need a caring adult to provide individualized support to successfully navigate school, develop personalized plans and to prepare for 21st Century success. It is the goal of LINKS to decrease the erosion of young lives. In West Virginia...

    • Since implementing the LINKS Advisory system in 2008, WV's graduation rate has improved from 73% to nealry 90% in 2016. However...
    • Students need skills and knowledge to help them successfully navigate middle and high school and to be prepared for success as 21st Century citizens and the workforce.
    • West Virginia employers report that West Virginia graduates do not have adequate work place readiness skills and are not prepared for success in the workforce.
    • Post Secondary Institutions and data shows that West Virginia students are not prepared for post-secondary success and our college completion rates are one of the lowest in the nation
    • West Virginia has the highest out-migration and the lowest in-migration in the nation.
    • West Virginia is #1 state in prescription drug use and is annually increasing in use of and deaths from illegal drugs.