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West Virginia's eTranscript Initiative

The West Virginia Department of Education entered into a statewide contract with Parchment, Inc. to provide electronic transcript services for all public high schools. This partnership allows schools to more efficiently manage transcript requests while also providing students the capability of electronically tracking their transcripts. The e-transcript system has been interfaced with WVEIS, allowing schools a single-step process to electronically send transcripted grades, attendance, test scores, etc. Other needed credentials can be uploaded into the student file such as recommendations, extra-curricular activities, special certifications, etc. WVDE's contract includes two free transcripts per student and in most cases, counties who are utilizing the Parchment Services have entered into additional subsidy agreements to allow students to send all their transcripts free.

Student Benefits:

  • Online ordering provides 24/7 accessibility to request transcript and other educational credentials needed to be sent with the application.
  • Allows a seamless, immediate process for all students to request their transcript be sent, even during a college visit
  • Students prefer to request credentials digitally than complete paper requests. They can even order from their mobile devices.
  • It now takes only a few minutes to deliver a transcript sent rather than days.
  • Real-tine, online tracking of the transcript requests and delivery process  gives students and their parents peace of mind
  • Sending electronically enables colleges to process admissions decisions more expeditiously and efficiently.
  • One place to order, collect, store and share credentials throughout their lifetime.

School Staff/Counselor Benefits:

  • Significant time saved when processing electronic transcripts allows counselors to spend more time guiding and supporting students.
  • Allows seamless, single system, prompt delivery of NCAA Transcripts. Parchment is the only electronic provider of transcripts for NCAA.  Eliminates time consuming scanning and uploading process to send electronic transcripts as required by NCAA.
  • Comprehensive reporting in one central location, thus eliminating the logs, 3-ring-binders and clipboards; exact location, date and time of every document sent can be quickly accessed.

Final Transcript Webinar Recording and Related Resources

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