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Student Needs Assessments

The student needs assessments are available at the following links:

To obtain a copy of the results for your school, please contact Dr. Barb Brady via email at Please note you will receive raw data which must be analyzed based on the needs and criteria you deem important.

The data will be in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Each row represents one student taking the survey and each column represents one criterion (which is shown in the first row in bold). The criteria are either statements or concerns. Statements are complete sentences and concerns are sentence fragments.

Each data item is a number 1-5. For statements, 1 means the student strongly agrees with the statement and 5 means the student strongly disagrees with the statement. For concerns, 1 means the student feels strongly he/she has concerns in this area and 5 means the student feels strongly he/she does NOT have concerns in this area.

Some general tutorials on how to create pivot tables to analyze your data in Excel are available here and here. If you have trouble analyzing your data after viewing the tutorials, please contact your school or county IT person.