Tools to Advance School Counseling

WV Comprehensive School Counseling Program One-Pager

WVBE Policy 2315: Comprehensive School Counseling Programs

Web-based Log
Administrators may log into their WebTop account, then log into the web-based counselor log to view the time-use logs of couselors within your school. Counselors are encouraged to use log to see how they are distributing their time and use as a guide for a more 'balanced' approach to school counseling.

West Virginia School Counselor Performance Standards Guide (with guiding rubrics)

Overarching School Counseling Performance Standards

West Virginia School Counselor Evaluation Resource Page

School Counseling Program Audit
This program audit is aligned with WVBE Policy 2315 and should be minimally completed at the beginning and end of each school year by the counselor/administrator team to determine strengths and weaknesses of the school counseling program. The counselor and administrator will then set annual goals to improve the school counseling program using the above Annual School Counseling Plan

Three Year Program Alignment Tool
This checklist is designed to assist counselors and administrators use the results ot the School Counseling Program Audit to determine what needs to be done to align with Policy 2315. Counselors and administrators will work together to set annual goals to develop documented program components to assure programs are completely aligned with Policy 2315.

School Counselor Program Documentation Notebook

Planning Tool

Principal/Counselor Agreement