Evaluating Your School Counselor

School Counselor Performance Appraisal Resources

School Counseling Program Audit

Principal and Counselor should collaborately complete and discuss annually.

Recognized ASCA Model Program - RAMP Award Application

Schools who have outstanding school counseling programs can apply for this national reognition. Principals and Counselors achieving thi outstanding program award are recognized annual at the American School Counselor Association awards banquet.

School Counseling Program Planning and Documentation Notebook

Counselors will use this notebook to document the school counseling program. Each section contains a guide or samples that counselors will use to develop their school-specific information and forms to document your school counseling program. They may keep their documents as an electronic notebook or as a hard copy in a 2" notebook. Counselors may add additional sections or tabs that represent your school counseling program. This guide represents a minimum of what counselors need to document.

American School Counselor Association

West Virginia School Counselor Association