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Sample 2 - Year Plan

Sample 3 - Year Plan

Sample - Sophomore Transition Power Point - Critical Importance of Sophomore Year

Academic Tips

Academic Underachievement

ACT is best known as the American College Test college entrance exam which most colleges in WV require.  They also produce and provide resources for the ACT EXPLORE (taken in 8th grade) and the ACT PLAN (taken in 10th grade).  This website provides a wealth of resources for counselors, students, parents and teachers to assist with academic and career planning. Information on ACT exam.

ACT EXPLORE Website and Utilizing ACT EXPLORE Results Guide

ACT PLAN Website and Utilizing ACT PLAN Results Guide

Advising Students with Disabilities on Postsecondary Options (School Counselor Toolkit)

Back-to-School Study Tips

Common Core - Counselor's Role in Implementing the Common Core

Eleven Tips to Help Your Child Prepare for Tests

General Study Tips

Middle School Homework Tips

The SAT is the nation's most widely used admissions test among colleges and universities. It tests students' knowledge of subjects that are necessary for college success: reading, writing, and mathematics. The SAT assesses the critical thinking skills students need for academic success in college—skills that students learned in high school. Information on SAT Exam.

SAT Preparation Tips

School Refusal

Study Skills Guide for Students

Test Preparation Tips (College Entrance Exams)

Test-Taking Tips

Time Management Tips for High School Students

Time Management Tips for Middle School Students