School Counselor Program Documentation Handbook

Tab 9

Counselor/Principal Agreement

The principal counselor relationship is parmount to a successful school counseling program. This tab contains the principal/counselor agreement templates recommended by ASCA to set goals and perimeters for your school counseling program with your administrator.  Counselors and principals need to meet annually to update and revise the counselor agreement, set goals for the school counseling program and define the protocols for the school counselor. Counselor should store a copy of each annual agreement in tab 7 of the notebook.  This section also contains brainstorming tools you can use to decide how to balance your program to align more closely with Policy 2315 and recent research on the importance of counselor/principal communication.

Counselor/Principal Agreement (General)

Elementary Counselor/Principal Agreement Template

Secondary Counselor/Principal Agreement Template

Counselor Brainstorm Tool (Use prior to meeting With principal)

Principal/Counselor Work Plan

A Closer Look at the Counselor/Principal Relationship

Find Way Principal/Counselor Communication