Personalized Education Plans

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NEW Personalized Education Plan (PEP) Template This template was designed by WVDE staff to assist schools in developing a new template or revising their current ISTP template to align with PEP and graduation requirements. This is an optional format. Schools may revise thier old templates or create their own templates.

PEP Signature Page Template Schools must have a process to ensure every student updates the PEP annually. PEPS must have a Signature/process page documenting involvment of the counselor, advisor, student. This is a sample signature page if a paper format is being used. Additionally, this form will document student data (inventories, assessments, career explortion actitivities, etc.) used to guid PEP development.

Wetzel County SAMPLE PEP Template This is the format being used in Wetzel county. School may wish to adopt this format. If you have questions about this format or need assistance in making it your own, you may contact John Tomaszewski at

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