School Counselor Program Documentation Handbook

Tab 14

Role of the School Counselor

Documents to help you describe and understand the role of the school counselor and to help develop your county job descriptions by level.


West Virginia School Counselor Performance Standards, Functions & Indicators

Standard 1 - Rubric

Standard 2 - Rubric

Standard 3 - Rubric

Standard 4 - Rubric

Standard 5 - Rubric

West Virginia Educator Evaluation System

Counselor Evaluation Rubrics

School Counselor Job Description - Sample from North Carolina

The Role of the Professional School Counselor

Role Statement - Why Elementary Counselors

Role Statement - Why Middle Counselors

Role Statement - Why High School Counselors

Counseling Theory and Therapy in  WV Schools

Sample Elementary Job Description - Mason County

Sample Secondary Job Description - Mason County