This online guide was developed to assist counselors with documentation of the school counseling program. Each section contains guiding documents, templates or samples to aid counselors in developing or identifying school-specific documents that have already been developed. Once documents are developed or identified, counselors can easily upload or print these documents and save in an organized manner. Then school counseling program documents can easily be shared with principals or shared with new counselors to help ease the transition when counselors leave a school. To use this guide, counselors can navigate through each online chapter to gain ideas for program documentation. Counselors may wish to place hardcopies of the documents in a ‘Program Documentation Handbook” or choose to organize program documents electronically in folders corresponding to the guide outline.

One goal of program documentation is to provide a format that allows counselors to easily share various components of your school counseling program with others.  This may include the Office of Performance Audits personnel, WVDE on-site review teams, your principal for genenral information or evaluation purposes, other counselors, parents, administrators, your central office personnel and your local school board.

Another goal is to provide a seamless transition when you leave your current position.  A clearly documented program allows a new counselor to easily pick up and build upon what you have begun to better support student success.

Counselors may add additional sections or tabs that represent your school counseling program. Counselors may need to keep lesson plans and curriculum in a seperate notebook or seperate folders in your computer.   This guide represents a minimum of what you need to document.