School Counseling Program Documentation Guide

Table of Contents


Tab 1  Mission, Belief and Philosophy

Tab 2 WV Virginia Student Success Standards (New School Counseling Student Standards) West Virginia School Counselor Performance Standards

Delivery System

Tab 3 Integrated Delivery of the WV Student Success Standards

Tab 4 Personalized Student Planning (forms, schedule, etc.)

Tab 5 Responsive Services

Tab 6 Student Supports

Planning, Management and Designing the Comprehensive School Couneling Program

Tab 7 - School Counseling Annual Plan Template
Tab 8 - 3 Tier Program Delivery School Assessment Tool

Tab 9 - Counselor/Principal Agreement Samples

Tab 10  Advisory Council

Tab 11 Use of Data

Tab 12 Calendars/Use of Time/Counselor Log


Tab 13 Results Report

Tab 14   Role of the School Counselor

Tab 15 Program Audit (semester & yearly implementation audits)

Implementation Work

Tab 16 Public Relations (brochures, newsletters, web pages, Power Points, etc.)

Tab 17 Collaboration

Tab 18 Community Resources

Tab 19 Long Range Planning