Boone County School Closings / Delays / Dismissals

For tomorrow, Friday March 6, 2015 - as of Mar 5, 11:20pm
Are there closings today?Yes, all
Are there delays today?No
Are there early dismissals today?No
  • All schools in Boone County will be closed on Fri. Mar. 6, 2015. Employees are not to report to work. All facilities will be closed.

You may verify this information via the following:
TV WSAZ Channel 3
TV WCHS Channel 8
TV WOWK Channel 13

Radio WVOW 101.9 FM
Radio WQBE 97.5 FM
Radio WVSR 102.7 FM
Radio WVAF 99.9 FM
Radio WKWS 96.1 FM
Radio WKLC 105.1 FM

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