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For today, Wednesday March 4, 2015 - as of Mar 4, 6:32am
CountyClosingsDelaysDismissalsBus infoLast updated
BarbourNoneAllNoneNoneMar 4, 5:06am
CalhounAllNoneNoneNoneMar 4, 4:55am
DoddridgeNoneAllNoneNoneMar 4, 5:16am
FayetteNoneNoneNoneYes - viewJust now
HancockNoneAllNoneNoneMar 4, 5:20am
KanawhaNoneNoneNoneYes - viewMar 4, 5:49am
LoganAllNoneNoneNoneMar 4, 5:18am
MingoNoneAllNoneNoneMar 4, 5:44am
NicholasNoneNoneNoneYes - viewAbout 1 minute ago
PleasantsAllNoneNoneNoneMar 4, 5:37am
PrestonNoneNoneNoneYes - viewAbout 8 minutes ago
RaleighSomeNoneNoneYes - viewAbout 2 minutes ago
RandolphNoneAllNoneNoneMar 4, 4:52am
RitchieAllNoneNoneNoneMar 4, 5:21am
TaylorNoneAllNoneNoneMar 3, 6:48pm
TylerNoneAllNoneNoneMar 4, 5:27am
WayneSomeNoneNoneNoneMar 4, 6:15am

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