Smart Foods

Welcome to the West Virginia Smart Foods website. The Office of Child Nutrition would like everyone to know the "School Day Just Got Healthier." School meals are improving each day by adding more whole grains, more fruits and vegetables, lower fat dairy choices and cooking more meals from scratch. Changes have come about in these programs under the Healthy-Hunger Free Kids Act (HHFKA). For the first time, this bill has allowed the United States Department of Agriculture the opportunity to make changes to the school lunch and breakfast programs by improving nutrition and aligning school meals with the latest scientific nutrition information. The new requirements are available by clicking on the "New Meal Pattern" icon.

Over the past 15 years, West Virginia schools have implemented many of the changes in the HHFKA. Many students enjoy eating whole grain rich rolls and breads, low-fat yogurt and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables every day at school. Some additional changes such as using all whole grain rich products will be implemented over the next two years. These improvements to school meals will help ensure students learn to make healthy choices for a lifetime.

"Smart Foods" is a website promoting good nutrition. Its goal is to encourage parents, school staff, students and community members the importance of healthier schools and communities. Schools are a focal point in every community and research has shown that students eat healthier when they are supported by parents, school and the community. This site was designed to inform and educate schools and communities to work together for the good of all students. This website offers a number of user-friendly resources and tools to educate parents, students, school staff and community members about child nutrition.