NBC Nightly News Education Correspondent, Rehema Ellis, visited Doddridge County Elementary School last week with her producer and cameraman to film a segment on the service of At-Risk Afterschool Suppers to students at the school.

NBC News producers had picked up on an article written in September by Dave Boucher of the Charleston Daily Mail regarding the success of the free supper program in Fayette County and were interested in learning more. 
The crew spent the day at Doddridge County Elementary, speaking with Dr. Bonnie Allman, county child nutrition director, Mrs. Tammy Haught, school principal, as well as food service personnel and students.  NBC staff members were impressed by the comprehensive approach of educating children through both feeding and academics. The completed news segment, “Students Line Up for Free Dinner”, aired on Saturday, October 6, 2012.

Doddridge County Elementary School is just one of 120 out of 700 schools statewide in which more than 50% of its students qualify for federally subsidized school suppers.  By participating in the At-Risk Afterschool Supper Program, children in needy communities are provided another opportunity to meet their daily nutritional needs. With improved nutrition, student performance increases in the classroom and discipline referrals decrease.  School suppers also support families who struggle with grocery bills each week.

For additional information regarding the At-Risk Afterschool Supper Program, contact Gus Nelson at 
gnelson@access.k12.wv.us  or 304-558-2708.