Educator Performance Taskforce

West Virginia's educator performance evaluation system is outlined in the School Laws of West Virginia (W.Va. Code §18A-2-12) and further described in a rule written by the WV Board of Education (WVBE Policy 5310-Performance Evaluation of Public School Personnel). This law and policy describe a state evaluation system that is mandated for all of West Virginia's 55 school districts. WVBE Policy 5310 outlines the process and provides the evaluation and observation instruments that each WV district/school must use to comply with state law. WVBE Policy 5310 may be accessed at The WV Office of Education Performance Audits (see reviews district and school compliance with this law and policy on a multi-year review cycle to assure that performance evaluations are conducted in accordance with state law and policy.

Teacher Evaluation


What should a teacher evaluation system do?

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Peer Assistance and Review

The Other 69 Percent: Fairly Rewarding The Performance of Teachers of Non-Tested Subjects and Grades


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