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Cedar Lakes
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First Buildings constructed -

Looking left to right

  • FFA, the WV FFA-FHA Foundation, on Sepember 16, 1953, opened bids for the construction of one large and one small cottage at the camp, and awarded the contract to Raymond Holland Corporation. These two cottages (Main and FFA) were completed in the summer of 1954. Total cost of these two buildings $82,192 -- paid from contributions to the FFA-FHA Foundation. Work was completed July 1954.
  • Main Lodge
  • Marshall construction by camp workers started October 1954 and completed August 1959
    • Cost $21,319 paid from funds collected by Marshall County donors
  • FHA/FCCLA (formerly the Dining Hall until 1975 when Lakeview Dining Hall was constructed) construction started October 1955
    • Cost $20,575 monies provided by the Future Homemakers Association of West Virginia


Left to right

FFA Cottage - Main Lodge


Aerial View of property - notice this is prior to Mirror Lake and the Large Lake near the current Lakeview Dining Hall.


USDA notes on back of the above picture


View from hillside looking down on Mirror Lake which is filling up, notice progress of footbridges being constructed.


Large lake near the current Lakeview Dining Hall construction has been completed and water is filling up.










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